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9 видеоуроков по FM-синтезу для создания мощного уникального звука от профессионалов. Рассматриваются техники синтеза в синтезаторах Native Instruments FM8, Massive, а также Logic Retro Synth и Virtual CZ.

Like the sounds but lack the skills? Watch, listen and learn as we lift the lid on FM Synthesis. Often thought of as an extremely complex form of synthesis, this course shows you how to create unique harmonic and dissonant sounds in 9 easy to follow, well paced video tutorials.

Learn how the pros create those distinctive sounds only achievable with FM synthesis from classic FM instruments, drum and bass basses, and more.

9 Videos totalling 90 minutes of detailed tuition in FM Synthesis

  • Introduction to FM Synthesis
  • Classic FM Tones with FM8
  • Bass Tones with FM8
  • FM Sound Design with Retro Synth
  • Phase Modulation & Filter Frequency Modulation in Massive
  • Special FX with FM8
  • Sequenced Bass Sounds using FM8’s Multistage Envelopes
  • Phase Distortion Synthesis with Virtual CZ
  • Percussive FM Sounds with Retro Synth & FM8

  Download part 1 (700 MB)  Download part 2 (687 MB)


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