ADSR – Sound Design Advanced Techniques

02-06-2015 | 1.1 GB
There’s nothing worse than feeling like all the music sounds the same. Sometimes, even experienced producers need a push to break through.

Now’s the time to recharge your sonic batteries. Expose yourself to a whole range of novel sound types; discover new ways to use your existing tools and get inspired as you see each and every parameter trialled and tweaked in the process.
Featuring a series of individual sound design tutorials, this course shows you how to create more advanced sounds using a variety of methods. From FM synthesis to sampling and resampling you’ll learn to create customised sound effects, special fx, atmospheric textures and more.

Intended for sound designers who are already familiar with basic sound design principles and know their way around the software. Tutorials employ FM8, Massive, Maschine, Polyplex, Ultraloop and Logic.

10 Videos totalling 90 minutes of detailed tuition in Advanced Sound Design Techniques.

  1. Special FX Design with FM8
  2. Evolving Sequences with FM8
  3. Sounds Design with Massives’ FX wavetables
  4. Resampling in Maschine
  5. Drum Design & Resampling with Polyplex
  6. Loop Creation with Ultraloop
  7. Loop Creation & Resampling with Ultraloop
  8. Sound Design with Fabfilter Timeless 2 – Pt 1
  9. Sound Design with Fabfilter Timeless 2 – Pt 2
  10. Sound Design with Reverb and Delay Tails
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