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Видеокурс для музыкантов Cubase 8 разработан, чтобы помочь Вам генерировать идеи и реализовывать их в Cubase максимально быстро.
Нет ничего лучше, чем изучать Cubase 8 с позиции автора песен и музыканта, большая часть времени которого это творческий процесс.

This musician-focused Cubase 8 course is designed to help you generate ideas and get them into Cubase as fast as possible. Take a ride with Matt Hepworth as he shows you all the cool inroads for making music with Cubase!

There’s no better way to learn Steinberg’s Cubase 8 than to explore it from a songwriter’s and musician’s perspective. Because it’s in the creative process of composing that just about every function of Cubase comes into play. In this course, star Cubase maestro Matt Hepworth takes you through everything you need to know to begin making music with Cubase.

Matt starts this course with an introduction to Cubase’s collection of musically-inspiring tools: EDM Toolbox, Rock-Pop Toolbox, Groove Agent SE and VST Amps. Next, you see how to record your new-found inspirations -by laying down and building up layers of audio and MIDI tracks- as your song/production begins to take shape. From there Matt shows you how do a quick mix and mastering session making sure that your hard work sounds the best that it can be!

Completing this course gives you the tools, confidence you need to to begin production on just about any kind of music you can dream up. So join Matt Hepworth in this Songwriters’ and Musicians’ Toolbox course and start producing your tunes with Cubase 8!

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