Dan Wray – Access Virus Soundsets vol.1-5


Dan Wray – Access Virus Soundset vol.1

The first soundset from Dan Wray Sound Design is here! The Access Virus is arguably the most popular synthesizer in Dance music to date. If your lucky enough to have one, you’re in luck here! These 128 patches were specifically made for the Virus TI so that when you load them in you’ll immediately hear how diverse this synth can be. This bank includes everything from driving basses, minimal toms, to amazing leads, massive trance pads and custom arpeggiators. This soundset showcases the very best sounds that your Virus TI can create!

Although the set was designed specifically for Trance, Progressive, House, Techno and Minimal, these top-notch sounds will find a home in any other musical genre or project.

Note: that only those who own an Access Virus TI can use this soundset: If that’s you then this is your ‘go-to’ soundset for your ‘go-to synth’. Check these amazing Virus patches out today!


Dan Wray – Access Virus Soundset vol.2

The second installment in the ‘Access Virus TI Soundset’ from Dan Wray Sound design is now here! These Patches host a range of sounds covering everything you’ll ever need to get the most out of your Access Virus TI hardware synth. Boasting 128 Patches all unique in their own way and designed for full modulation in every patch the sounds have been categorized and sub categorized for ease of selection and use.

This soundset has everything from massive leads, huge pads, percussion, to melodic arps and gritty plucks, and as always you will find a perfect combination of great, usable sounds. Although this set was specifically designed for Trance, Progressive, House, Techno & Minimal, These top notch sounds will feel right at home in any other musical genre or project.


Dan Wray – Access Virus Soundset vol.3

These 128 Patches are diverse as always, but this time we’re focusing more on Bass, Leads and Pads, with more straight up ‘usable’ quality sounds for extreme ease of use. You can be sure as soon as they’re locked and loaded in your Virus, you wont need to dive through confusing named patches as this balanced bank is neatly categorized into numbered patches rather than having names for them i.e Bass 1, Pad 2, Lead 3 etc.

Dan Wray has created a bank that isn’t just great quality: it’s easy to use to help boost your productivity and work-flow. While this bank is more focused on Trance, Virus owners will find a new OS optimized bank, with the perfect combination of tools for everything they need to create any genre of dance music including, House, Minimal, Hardstyle, Electro, Tech, progressive, psy-trance & much, much more.


Dan Wray – Access Virus Soundset vol.4

DWSD open the virus vault for Volume 4 of the on-going Virus TI soundset series! Following on with the winning formula of well balanced sounds this Virus soundset covers plenty of basses, and manages to fit in an even bigger amount of lead synth patches!

In this series you will find 128 Pro Sounds perfectly sculpted to fit into any modern day dance production. The highlights in this one; 30 phat basslines, 14 unique plucks, 17 luscious pads and of course those unforgettable ‘Big-Room’ leads your all after. This time there’s a whopping 38 of them ready to scream through your speakers! Arps & drums & effects make a nice appearance too giving your Access Virus TI great textures & showing you just what the TI is truly made of! Patches are all in straight forward menu format i.e Lead1 Lead 2 etc. But there’s also an incredible depth of programming and thought gone into each and every Patch! If your a fan of any of the other volumes by DWSD you will love these! As a bonus this soundset is provided with an extra 5 MIDI files from the demo to get you started!


Dan Wray – Access Virus Soundset vol.5

DWSD open the Virus vault for Volume 5 of the on-going Virus TI soundset series! In this series you will find a full 128 new OS Optimized Pro Sounds perfectly sculpted to fit into any modern day dance production. Highlighting everything from smooth, soft chords for deep house, tech, minimal and much more in between!

The soundset features unique & modulated layers for Minimal & Tech-House productions, all the way through to those Progressive House melodics, & Bigroom Trance arp patterns! This soundest stands out as ‘unique’, & is definitely a must have set for Virus TI owners! While some patches are fairly complex in modulation, simplicity still lies beneath for plenty of room to tweak patches & make them your own! All Sounds were created in new Operating System for the most up to date sounds.


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