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Библиотека сэмплов Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials создана в тесном сотрудничестве с Дэйвом Паркинсоном. Эта библиотека не похожа на другие продукты и является одной из крупнейших библиотек для создания транса на рынке. Полный пакет включает в себя 14 ГБ сэмплов и наполнен творческим вдохновением одного из самых талантливых продюсеров на сцене электронной музыки сегодня. Мало кто знает, но Дэйв в течение прошлых 25 лет работал и сотрудничал со многими ведущими комопзиторами и музыкантами, включая Саймона Паттерсона, Джона Аскью, Джордана Сакли, Пола Оукнфолда, Марка Найта, Эдди Битэра, Тол Пола и многих, многих других.

Produced in collaboration with production heavy weight Dave Parkinson, we are proud to present Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials. Let me start by saying this product is truly unlike any product we have released in the past, and could well be one of the largest trance sample libraries on the market. The full package weighs in at just under 14GB (uncompressed) and is literally overflowing with creative inspiration from one of the most established and sought after producers in the scene today. For anyone unfamiliar with Dave’s work, for the past 25 years he has worked and collaborated with many of the leading names in the industry including Simon Patterson, John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Paul Oakenfold, Mark Knight, Eddie Bitar, Tall Paul and many, many others.

“Just managed to download the entire package. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Such an incredible amount of sounds!!!!! I mean, you have sample libraries and you have SAMPLE libraries! Everything is so neatly categorized, you’d literally have to spend hours and hours going through all of this!
It’s simply incredible! If you can’t make a trance tune with this, I’d be VERY surprised!! – Armin van Buuren

“It’s been years in the making! I have been round since the first hi hat was labelled and here we are. What can I say? This is simply the best sample pack I have EVER heard. Through blood, sweat and tears Dave has delivered right to the core of cutting edge to both old and young producers a like. His talent is street ahead of anyone I have worked with, his achievements in this industry speak volumes and now let’s add this to the mix. Dave Parkinson once again helps shape a new breed. Don’t not miss buying this. Welcome to the premier league.” – Simon Patterson

Sample Library Properties

  • 100% Royalty Free.
  • Produced an engineering veteran with over 25 years combined experience.
  • 6387+ named samples, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • 20 complete construction kits – including all loops and MIDI files.
  • 178 combined synthesiser presets included for Sylenth1 and Logic ES2.
  • All samples are rooted, volume normalized and labelled.
  • Chart and club proven samples – ready to use out the box.
  • Road tested by the leading producers in the industry.
  • MIDI files are included for all construction kit elements, bass lines, leads and pad loops.
  • Technically 3 products in one – comprehensive sample library, construction kit pack & sound banks.
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