Massey Plugins v3.10.5081




vt3 3-Band Equalizer

The vt3 is a “very musical” 3-band equalizer with a crisp, unique sound.
“The treble dial sounds brilliant” with “outstanding top end control” that “brings out superb clarity and brightness on just about anything.”
All you have to do is “turn a few knobs and you’re done.”
Sounds like nothin’ else.full.vt3


DRT v2 : The easiest & most accurate drum replacer

Enhance or replace poorly recorded drum tracks. Or, sculpt a good drum sound into a great sound that better complements your mix. DRT v2 “Works like a charm,” it is “very accurate,” and “very easy to set and tweak.”
“One of the most useful plug-ins,” DRT v2 “provides exactly the core features that are required in a drum replacer, with no additional layers of complication and frustration.” Truly, “the beauty of DRT is its simple and intuitive interface.”

DRT v2 is a Pro Tools AudioSuite* plugin which effortlessly replaces drum hits with fresh audio samples, MIDI notes or audio “clicks” all with near flawless accuracy.
DRT v2 is built with the most intelligent and precise drum transient detection algorithm around. It is simply,“the best when it comes to drum replacement.”full.drt


CT5 Compressor

The CT5 provides clean and smooth gain reduction, with a little punch.The CT5 is an “excellent all rounder that’ll work on pretty much anything.”
I designed the CT5 to have both electro-optical and vari-mu characteristics. Users have noted that the CT5 has “simple controls and ear-pleasing results” and is very good at preserving the “air” of the source material.
The CT5 offers two distinct compression curves for either a more transparent or more aggressive character. The blend knob allows you to mix in the dry signal for “parallel compression” techniques.
The plugin can also accept a sidechain input for customized shaping of the compressor’s response.full.ct5


TapeHead Saturator

“Tame the digital demons” and make things grittier, fuller, and louder with our TapeHead saturator that is “dead simple to use” and “sounds great.”
It’s a “really nice distortion” that is “a god-send to people who tend to prefer the sound of analog tape.” Versatile, TapeHead can be “used on everything with very subtle settings” or with “extreme settings for distortion FX.”
It comes “highly recommended for all engineers.”full.tapehead


L2007 Mastering Limiter

The L2007 is a mastering-grade look-ahead brickwall limiter.
“Miles ahead” of others, “this plug-in has got to be the star of the show.” When something “is this good and this affordable, there should be no indecision. ”

The L2007 makes mixes sound richer and thicker, effortlessly. Just tweak the threshold knob — It’s like magic. In other words, there is “something poetic about having two large knobs and letting the unit do the rest.”
Sit back, relax, and enjoy.full.l2007


TD5 Tape Delay

Simply put, the TD5 “sounds fantastic” and acts like a real-life vintage tape delay. Deep and three dimensional, yet still “easy to manipulate.” “You can get an array of delay sounds” which include “some of the grittiest, coolest sounds you’ll ever hear from a delay.”
The TD5 has up to 2 seconds of delay time, can sync to the Pro Tools tempo map, and provides a number of tonal options.full.td5


THC Distortion Stompbox

“THC raises the bar.” A highly accurate analog-modeled distortion pedal that has “very low aliasing artifacts and a smooth analog-like tone.” THC can be used to dirty up any audio material.

Known to be an “extremely useful tool,” try it on vocals, organ, drums and, of course, guitar.full.thc


De:Esser – the most transparent de-esser you’ll ever (won’t) hear

“Nicely designed,” the Massey De:Esser “sounds great and has revolutionary features,” while being “a deeper plug-in than you might expect from a de-esser.”

A silky smooth de-esser which cleanly limits sibilance while leaving the “voiced” portion of your vocals unscathed. It simply “stays out of the way – while getting the job done.” The dynamic threshold algorithm ensures perfect reduction regardless of perceptual loudness or dynamics in the vocal performance.

“I don’t think you can find a better RTAS/TDM De-Esser”full.deesser

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