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How To Make Uplifting Trance with Bjorn Akesson

After his interview with Chris, Swedish native and uplifting trance star Bjorn Akesson is back on Sonic Academy, this time with a monster course – ‘How To Make Uplifting Trance’.

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20 идей для создания нового трека

Пытаешься создать новый трек, но ничего не получается? Мы подкинем тебе 20 идей и техник, которые помогут тебе! Вот представь: ты специально выделил время для сочинения музыки, отключил телефон, чтобы

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Sonic Academy Synthesis & Sound Design How To Use Dune 2

In his second outing on Sonic Academy, LA based sound designer and tutor Echo Sound Works takes us through the in’s and out’s of Synapse’s ‘DUNE 2’. This powerful yet

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ADSR – FM Synthesis

Like the sounds but lack the skills? Watch, listen and learn as we lift the lid on FM Synthesis. Often thought of as an extremely complex form of synthesis, this

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ADSR discusses different functions and methods to use the TI software to program your Access Virus.  

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Ask Video Cubase 8 102 Songwriters Musicians Toolbox

This musician-focused Cubase 8 course is designed to help you generate ideas and get them into Cubase as fast as possible. Take a ride with Matt Hepworth as he shows

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MASSIVE is Native Instruments’ flagship digital synth; musicians all over the world use it to create music in the studio and on the stage. In this course, author Evan Sutton


Продаю Vengeance Mastering Suite

Продаю комплект первоклассных плагинов для мастеринга Vengeance Mastering Suite! Vengeance Mastering Suite – Stereo Bundle Vengeance Producer Suite – Philta XL Vengeance Mastering Suite – Multiband Compressor Vengeance Producer Suite

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Sound Design With Spire

Learn How To Create Sounds In SPIRE, in just 2 1/2 Hours. Delivered by BassGorilla founder Luke Ward, this course provides you with an in-depth look at every single feature

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Refining Sound: A Practical Guide to Synthesis and Synthesizers

English | 2013 | ISBN: 0199922969, 0199922942 | 264 Pages | PDF: 5.83 MB Refining Sound is a practical roadmap to the complexities of creating sounds on modern synthesizers. Perhaps