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ADSR – Sound Design Advanced Techniques

02-06-2015 | 1.1 GB There’s nothing worse than feeling like all the music sounds the same. Sometimes, even experienced producers need a push to break through. Now’s the time to

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Create MASSIVE Progressive EDM Drops

Learn how to make those killer Progressive EDM Drops!

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Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, 4th Edition

Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, 4th edition relies on the professional experience of the author and other top sound craftspeople to provide a comprehensive explanation of film sound, including

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Советы продюсеров – как писать Future House

Пятый элемент Ключевой музыкальной линией и мотивом являются пятые аккорды (fifth chords), или квинт-аккорды. При игре партия синтезатора и партия баса содержит основную ноту (root note) и пятую ноту (fifth

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MusicTech – June 2015

Music Tech Magazine is the practical magazine about music recording and production, which is renowned for the way it helps readers improve their understanding and expertise in music technology.