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Samplestate Modern Tech House

Samplestate is proud to present our latest product, representing the current sound of Modern Tech House. Inspired by chart topping artists such as Patrick Topping, Cristoph, Denney, Dale Howard, Sidney

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Советы продюсеров – как писать Future House

Пятый элемент Ключевой музыкальной линией и мотивом являются пятые аккорды (fifth chords), или квинт-аккорды. При игре партия синтезатора и партия баса содержит основную ноту (root note) и пятую ноту (fifth

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Future Bass House

Zmey Records is delighted to present its new Future Bass House Sample Pack to you! If you’re ready to step into the future and have a dream to amaze the

House Samples

Sample Magic Future House Generation

Deep and driving, melodic and euphoric: this is the sound of Future House Generation. Packed with 1.3GB of loops, hits, kits & MIDI, we’ve pushed the sonic limits to deliver