Virus Ti Club X Sounds Soundset vol.2

Virus Ti Club X Sounds  Soundset vol.2



A brand new soundset for Virus TI is available now.
This soundset contains 128 patches for Trance, Techno, House, Elektro, Hardstyle.
Everything you need to create quality track.
The full range of sounds with Leads, Bass, Synths, Arps, Pads, Plucks and more.
This soundset is 100 % compatible with Virus Ti / TI2 / Virus Ti Snow !! / with OS4 and above.

Additional information
– Hardware ; Access Virus TI 2 / TI / Snow / POLAR
– License for one user
– Format : mid- Style : Electronic music
– Number of patches 128
– All content is 100% royalty free

Product Explanation
This product contains synthesizer presets in mid. – Virus TI format.
Presets do not contain sampled audio (melodic or otherwise) but rather ‘data’ (synthesizer programs) that can be loaded using the popular Access Virus TI synthesizer. A collection of presets are collectively referred to as a bank.

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